Switching Made Easy

People change their accountants for all sorts of reasons. It happens on a regular basis and the procedures for switching are well established.

The process couldn’t be easier. Just let us know you wish to change and we do everything. We write to your previous accountants and any government bodies such as HMRC or Companies House. You don’t need to do anything else and it should all appear seamless to you.

If you are considering Sorted and Co Ltd as your new accountants then have a look at our reasons for switching to Sorted and Co. Nobody’s perfect, but we try really hard to offer the best service we can. Or have a look at our testimonials to see what our current clients think about us.

More on What Happens

Firstly, ring us and tell us a little bit about your business, then let us provide you with a quotation.

We usually provide the initial quotation by email and if this is acceptable just return the email stating that you would like us to act as your accountants.

We will then write to your existing accountants, informing them that we have been appointed as your new accountants and asking them to provide us with copies of all your current accounts, computations and working papers. They will not normally contact you directly.

We will also notify HMRC that we have been appointed as your accountants and they will post you an ‘authorisation code’ which you need to let us have (within 28 days or it expires). This will allow us to access your account online and submit documents on your behalf.

Finally, we will welcome you as a new client with a warm welcome and awesome service. So why not have a chat with us. We’d be very happy to give you an initial one hour free consultation if you are in the area, if not we can have a getting to know you talk on the phone.

Switching? Get Sorted!

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