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What is the Annual Return?

26 Aug 2016

The Annual Return is a form that limited companies (only) need to send to Companies House once a year.

It is a summary of the company’s non-financial information. Typically it includes the company number, the company’s registered office address, principal business activities, the directors of the company, details of the type and number of shares issued, and (optionally) the names of the shareholders.

The Annual Return has to include the above information as at a certain date, known as the ‘made-up date’. This is usually the anniversary of incorporation and is not usually the same as the year-end for the company accounts. Consequently, it is usually prepared as a separate exercise to the annual accounts and corporation tax returns.

The fee for submitting the Annual Return is included in your annual quotation and we submit it automatically so there is nothing for you to do. That said, you will need to notify us if any of the key information above changes.

Please note: Companies House issue reminder letters for the Annual Return a week or two before the date on which the return can be submitted. These letters read like ‘warning’ letters  and can cause worry and confusion. Despite this, you do not need to do anything. We will submit the return automatically before the deadline date,  but please call us if you are worried.